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XL Satin Bonnet

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If you've got extra long or super thick hair this XL bonnet is just for you! Great for long dreadlocks, braids, twists, and long extensions. It's proven that wearing a satin bonnet extends the time between hair maintenance. Maintains hair growth, prevents breakage and retains moisture.


Choose adjustable drawstring or elastic~

(If you use lots of haircare products pls consider purchasing our drawstring bonnets)

  • Elastic bonnet is fitted with 21"If you need more pls request
  • Drawstring is fitted with 25" elastic to hold shape and provide¬†more control of¬†fit.
  • Materials: 100 % polyester
  • Handwash only or machine wash in lingerie bag to prevent damage.
  • Please be aware that colors you see may vary due to computer settings.