How to grow long 4C hair!

That title makes great click bait, lol. But seriously, many black women and girls are obsessed with growing long hair. They spend lots of money buying products that promise to grow 10" of hair in a month. If that product actually worked every black woman in the US would have long hair. The truth is, there are several reasons a person can't seem to grow waist length hair. And the solution isn't always in a product.

Before you start buying products to fix your hair, first, do an evaluation of your health, lifestyle and haircare:

You get the point, I could easily extend this list with more possible reasons for hair loss.

Well, I'm know expert but I successfully grew waist length hair in 9 years! That was a huge accomplishment, considering I never had hair past my shoulders. So, you want to know my secret? Here it is...I just left my hair alone. I know, that's too simple, I must have put some magical product on my hair to make it grow! Nope! I maintained one style, dreadlocks.

The key is that I wore the same style for years! Maintaining length is how you get waist length hair. In order to do that you must create a style you don't mind wearing for months and possibly years. And you must be able to resist the latest hairstyles! The less styling the better.

Second, you must focus on your health. For example, #menopause, medication, stress, and #alopecia can cause hair loss. If possible, see a specialist to eliminate health related #hairloss.

Third, look at your haircare routine! Are you using products that maintain a healthy scalp? Are you putting too much product on your hair and scalp? Be careful of a friends advice, what works for them may not work for you. Pay attention to how your hair responds to products and don't become a product junkie! Chasing every new product that promises to give you manageable hair.

Most importantly resist the latest hair trends! And stop slicking your edges down with all that gel! Overall, if your hair is damaged take your time, do some research and keep your haircare routine simple. If you need help consult with a qualified beautician. Wear hats, wraps, and scarves to protect your hair. And be patient with your journey to healthy hair because there is no magical serum that will make it so.