How do you feel about women wearing weaves?

I was asked that question during an interview with celebrity journalist Carisha the Diva, my answer was, it depends, if a woman has #Alopecia I see no problem and understand why she would do it. Now, if you have healthy hair, that's another discussion. The better question would be "Why would you wear a weave if you have healthy hair?" I might cover this question later.

First off, wearing weaves and wigs is not new, it is an old tradition that goes back thousands of years. People would often use animal hair, plant fibers, and human hair to create elaborate styles or extend their natural hair for various cultural reasons. So, with that, I personally think wearing weave is fine...if it matches your natural hair texture. In other words, if you install straight hair weave when you have #texturedhair, you are trading off your natural beauty to look like something else. The bigger question would be "Why do black women wear straight hair weaves?" Could constantly being told your natural hair is unruly, hard to manage, kinky and ugly damage your perception of your hair? Yes!

Unfortunately, this attitude has been passed down for generations. My mother for example shared that during her childhood wearing braids and #nappyhair was a sign of poverty, so, every girl wore her hair pressed and curled to avoid being teased. As a result, my mother's generation routinely wore wigs. I can honestly say I've never seen my mother's natural hair!

Without understanding why, in my teens I too embraced that lie about my hair. So, I had pressed and curled for years until one day I got a box perm...biggest mistake of my life. First day was awesome, until my natural curls grew in from the roots! That's another story too, lol.

In recent decades, wearing our natural hair is not looked down upon as much in the black community, but there is still pressure to hide it with lace wigs and weaves to seek approval on the job or just to fit in with a certain class of people. It's sad that grown women have been reduced to children feeling afraid to wear their natural hair for fear of rejection! It's going to take a movement by all black women to change that! #thecrownact

Let me wrap this up, wearing weave is your business! But if you're going to do it make sure you have the money to maintain it. There is nothing worse than seeing a Sista with a bad weave!