Are Freeform Locs Healthier For Your Hair?

Good question, are freeform locs healthier for your hair? Well, it depends on who you ask and their personal experience with locs.

I've been loc'd over 10 years which makes me an expert- not really but I can give an honest insight to my hair journey from loose natural to loc'd.

Here it goes, after years of fighting to style my natural hair I took the plunge and decided to loc my hair. Like many black women I watched every Youtube video on how to start and maintain #dreadlocks. Ultimately, I decided to use the #twostrandtwist method.

To make a long story short I had grown waist length manicured locs in 10 years! I loved the length but my locs were unhealthy! How could I tell? My locs were faded, breaking off at the ends, thinning, stiff, brittle, and worst of all I had build up in the core of my locs due to years of following bad advice from Youtubers! Totally my fault.

I finally became frustrated in Nov 2018 and combined my locs, grew out 4 inches of new growth then cut off my old locs Jan 2019! Loc journey #2! This time I decided to go with #thickfreeformlocs and use minimal products! No, I wasn't crazy, I just didn't want a repeat of my 1st #locjourney.

It's been 2 years now since I started this journey- why didn't I do this the first time! Omg, I feel so free and my locs are much healthier! This is how I know, for the first time my locs

feel soft, light and springy. I can actually enjoy the feel of my new growth before it locs and most important I have NO build up!

How I maintain my freeform locs: I just shampoo when needed and oil my scalp with #coconutoil...that's it. Okay, I also spray with distilled water to moisturize, pick my new growth with a metal #afropick, rinse with #applecidervinegar and that's it.

Overall, I believe that #freeformlocs are healthier for my hair because I don't use a lot of products, I keep them covered while in public, sleep with a #satinbonnet or on a #satinpillowcase and most important I don't stress my locs with hair styles!

I've worn my locs both manicured and freeform and can say that they are both beautiful! We are all making a statement of love and acceptance by wearing our natural hair loc'd, period!